The following rules apply to all Campers (99-year lessees, 99-year sub lessees, seasonal leases and overnight campers)

  1. Any violation of these rules will result in the surrender of your lease and removal of any personal items owned by the Camper(s), by IBC, at Camper’s expense.
  2. Only two registered adults and two registered children per campsite. All other persons are considered guests. It is the Camper’s (Lessee) responsibility to make sure that all their guests register at the office and pay a guest fee when entering the campground at an additional charge of $3.00 per person per day, or $5.00 per person per night. All day guests must exit the Campground by 10:00 p.m., or they will be considered an overnight guest and the $5.00 per night fee will be assessed to your site. An honor system will be in effect if the office is closed when your guest arrives.  Your guest is then required to fill out a registration slip provided on the wall outside the office.  If you have an account on file with Management, no payment is required of your guest fees will be deducted from your account.  All payments must be made at the time the guest enters.  Campers are responsible for the actions of their guests. Guests are allowed only when the Camper (Lessee) is present in the Campground.
  3. All Campers must respect other Campers and maintain quiet hours as follows:
    Weekdays:   10:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.         Friday thru Sunday: Midnight until 9:00 a.m.
  4. Campfires are allowed in fire rings only, and must always be attended. The use of accelerants to start fires is absolutely prohibited. Only clean wood, free of nails or other metal or sharp objects, shall be used. Fire rings must not be used if trees, trailers or any flammable objects are nearby, and must be at least seven (7) feet from adjoining lot. No plastic or rubbish is to be burned. Fire started with paper goods must not emit burning cinders. Pallets are not to be burned. Wood must be stacked neatly towards the rear of your site but not affecting nearby Campers, or in utility/right-of-way zones behind campsites.
  5. Recreation vehicles, such as dirt bikes, go-carts, four wheelers, gas or electric scooters, in addition to skateboards and rollerblades are prohibited in the Campground. Only four-wheeled electric carts are allowed in Campground, including handicapped carts/scooters.
  6. Folding clotheslines are permitted only with IBC approval. Absolutely no rope/wire clotheslines or dog runs between trees.
  7. All fireworks, archery equipment and firearms are prohibited. Slingshots, BB guns and paintball guns are prohibited.
  8. No Campers may cut through other campsites, remove or use anything located at another campsite.
  9. Campers may use the public areas of the Campground under the following terms:
    1. Campers must report any disturbances or abuse of Campground property to Management immediately.
    2. Violence/abuse of any kind, verbal or otherwise, or threats by anyone, of any age, or public use of profanity is STRICTLY prohibited and will lead to eviction and/or prosecution.
    3. The use of alcoholic beverages is permissible only if used responsibly by adults over the age of 21. All alcoholic beverages must be in a covered container. Driving an automobile or a golf cart after drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
    4. No jumping or diving off of the bridge.  Bridge gate codes WILL NOT be given outside the Campground.
    5. No tampering with or forcing the front gate. ONLY ONE CAR AT A TIME.
    6. Any damage to cable, phone or water lines, or other equipment at any Campsite, or any part of or property located on or in any of the common areas, is the responsibility of the Campers causing said damage and will be required to pay for damages and may result in eviction from the Campground.
    7. Parking areas in front of the arcade/laundry is for arcade/laundry and shower use. Any long-term parking is to the left of the arcade/laundry facility between the arcade/laundry facility and the dumpster.  Parking for the pool is along the fence in front of the pool.  Please keep roads free of vehicles in case of an emergency.
    8. Bikes must stop at all intersections between Campground roads.  No bicycles are permitted on the roads past dusk.  Children must obey the bike helmet laws in force and effect in Pennsylvania.
    9. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are permitted in pool areas. Absolutely no intoxicated persons will be permitted around pool area.
    10. Campers must keep out of electric or cable boxes. YOU MUST CONTACT THE MANAGEMENT FIRST if you are having a problem with your utilities, or are aware of a problem with the utilities.
    11. Please respect our tenting community.  We are growing our campground and expanding our tenting areas, so please be aware that tenter’s may be present at any time.
  10. Campers are responsible for all children staying at their campsite. The following rules apply to all children within the Campground:
    1. Children under 12 may not be left alone within the Campground without adult supervision.  No one under age 21 may be left on a campsite overnight without supervision by an adult over age 21.
    2. Campers must accompany children under the age of 12 at all times at the pool.
    3. All children under 18 must be at their campsite by 11:00 p.m.; and those 14 and under must be at their campsite by 10:00 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult.  All campers, both adult and children, should be at a campsite by midnight.  And golf cart use should be limited to traveling back to your campsite only.
    4. Children are not permitted on the nature trail after dusk unless accompanied by an adult.  In addition, golf cart use on the nature trail will cease at 10:00 p.m. out of respect for our tenting community.
    5. Children are not permitted to play on the road at any time.
  11. Pets in the Campground:
    1. All pets must be on a leash at all times and are prohibited from entering other campers’ sites or the pool area. No dogs are allowed to run loose at any time.  All droppings must be cleaned up, whether on your site, or common areas, immediately.  Young children cannot walk dogs that they cannot control.  Campers must prevent their dogs from barking excessively.
    2. A limit of two (2) pets per site.  Approval of ALL pets is subject to management discretion.
    3. Absolutely no Dobermans, Pit Bulls, or Rottweilers, or any derivative bloodline, will be permitted in the Campground.
    4. No pets are permitted in or around the Rec Hall facility, pool, playground or office/store.
    5. Absolutely no guests are allowed to bring pets into Campground.
    6. Campers are responsible for maintaining control of their pets at all times, and are in compliance with vaccinations at all times, and are liable for any damage done by their pets.  All pets must have and wear a collar with an ID tag.
  12. With respect to Campers’ motor vehicles:
    1. All automobiles must adhere to 5MPH speed limits within Campground.  You will receive only one (1) warning.
    2. Parking is limited to a maximum of two (2) vehicles per campsite, provided your site can accommodate two vehicles. No commercial vehicles may be parked at the campsite.  Additional parking is available near the dumpsters.
    3. Motorcycles are permitted within the Campground to go directly to a campsite or to exit the Campground.
    4. Absolutely no parking on the roads, public areas, playground, or on other sites not leased by you.
    5. No major mechanical work or bodywork is to be done on motor vehicles at any campsite.
    6. No vehicles (except golf carts) are permitted on nature trail.
    7. Absolutely no vehicles of any kind are permitted on the bridge under any circumstances.
    8. All campers must display IBC sticker on front passenger window. Visitors must display visitor pass on dash.
    9. No one may stay overnight in a vehicle other than a registered RV, cabin or tent.
  13. Only one camping unit is permitted per designated site. Children (not adults) may use tents on the campsite, with the approval of Management of Indian Brave Campground (IBC), and any tents may not be erected before 8:00 p.m., and must be taken down by 10:00 a.m. the following morning.  No tents are permitted outside of tent area without prior approval of Management.
  14. All trash must be disposed of at the dumpster near the arcade. The dumpsters are for your household trash/garbage (food, waste, etc.) only.  No building debris, appliances, furniture, electronics, holding tanks, tires, lawn chairs, grills, garbage cans, large boxes or metal shall be disposed of within the dumpsters, and must be removed immediately from the Campground by Campers.  Please take these items back home with you, or speak to the Management regarding disposal of these items.
  15. No trees or limbs may be cut down.  If a tree needs trimmed please contact Management. All brush or wood removed from your campsite, by permission of Management, shall be placed in the posted area in it’s natural state (No Bags).
  16. With respect to water usage at the Campground:
    1. Absolutely no washing of RV or vehicles by overnight campers.
    2. Campers are not permitted to water their lawns, nor wash their cars. Flowers can be watered with watering can only.
    3. All Campers should have water pressure regulators. IBC is not responsible for damage to vehicles or RVs due to change in water pressure.
    4. Water hoses and connections must be free of leaks and inspected periodically and replaced as necessary.  Only brass Y fittings are permitted for your hoses.  Please shut off your water at the hydrant before leaving the Campground for the week to reduce and/or eliminate water line leaks or breaks.  IBC has the right to remove and discard any faulty hose or plumbing.
    5. Nothing connected to IBC water line, i.e., water filters, additional connectors, can be left unsupported causing tension on our main water lines.
  17. Any form of indecent exposure will lead to eviction from the Campground.
  18. No camping vehicle is permitted, without prior written approval of Management, which is more than ten (10) years old. No camping vehicles may be sold on site without prior written approval from Management. Any trailer which is unsafe or neglected to be maintained will be subject to removal at Camper’s cost and shall be cause for lease termination.
  19. No signs may be erected without Management approval.
  20. No one is permitted to feed or injure any wildlife in any manner.  This includes no hooks, or otherwise damaging the trees.
  21. IBC is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
  22. A fee will be charged for moving any trailers or other camping vehicles, decks or sheds. The rate for moving shall be set by Management, but at a minimum of $50.00.
  23. Only trailers that can be transported without special permits will be allowed in IBC, except those existing June 6, 2001.
  24. All Campers must complete an application/Lease provided by IBC, and must fully disclose all information requested, including number and type of pets, number and ages of children, vehicle make, model and license plate number prior to admission to the Campground. In addition, all Campers must provide proof of insurance as set forth above. Failure to fully and honestly disclose this information will result in expulsion from the Campground.
  25. A seasonal, monthly, weekly or overnight campsite is non refundable. If a camper takes a monthly or weekly site and leaves early, there will be no credit or refund for any unused portion of the rental site.
  26. With respect to maintenance of campsites:
    1. Campers must keep the lawn mowed, shrubbery trimmed and neat, and must not permit any garbage or other debris to accumulate.  Management may take such steps necessary to maintain the campsite and assess the cost of $50.00 per hour for labor, with a minimum of one hour labor to the Campers.
    2. IBC is not responsible for the removal of mice, squirrels, bees or other undesirable critters from your site.
    3. Stakes with lot numbers are to remain where they are set. If your site is not currently labeled, please contact the Management.
    4. Sewer hose must be in good condition and absolutely no leaks or cracks or it will be removed without notice. You must have a rubber donut or plastic connection to prevent sewage hose from being sucked into the main sewage line. If your trailer is the cause of a sewage backup, you will be charged a $100.00 cleanup fee.
    5. Any Camper who wants work done by IBC must first fill out a work order at the office.
    6. Any concrete, stones or shrubs on a campsite must remain there unless permission to remove is given by Management. If permission is granted to remove these items, Campers are responsible for returning site back to suitable condition as determined by Management.
  27.  No Campers may attempt to assign, transfer or sublet their camping site, or assign their rights under their Lease, unless approved in writing by Management. Failure to obtain approval will result in immediate expulsion from the Campground of the Campers and any subtenants and forfeiture of the lease.
  28. 99-year lessees should refer to their original 99-year lease and 2001 Addendum relating to specific issues pertaining to your site.
  29. The RV must be owned and in the same name as the person who has the lease of the site occupied.
  30. IBC will not be responsible for any mail addressed to Campers at the Campground. Campers may not use the Campground address as their mailing address.  Post office boxes may be rented at the Zelienople Post Office, or a Post Net or other such facility.  Management will not accept phone calls or Mail deliveries for Campers, except in cases of emergencies.
  31. All Campers must carry general liability insurance to cover all activities undertaken by themselves or any guests, and shall provide current proof of this insurance to Management.  FYI – be sure to insure your trailer as a travel trailer and NOT a permanent trailer. Campers shall hold harmless and shall indemnify Indian Brave Campground, Management and all employees of Indian Brave Campground, for any personal injuries or property damage occurring within the Campground by them or their guests or by Flooding or other acts of God.
  32. Temporary television antennas or satellite dishes are permitted only with prior Management approval.
  33. Box vans, storage or trailer units, construction equipment, machinery or vehicles other than standard pickups or vans with commercial tags or lettering must have written permission by office before residing on site.
  34. Written permission for fencing or partitions must have written approval by office.
  35. With respect to Golf Cart use:
    1. Golf cart operators must be of licensed age. Golf carts must be driven safely. No racing, swerving, cutting quickly or other dangerous activity is permitted.
    2. Gas golf carts are not permitted in Campground, except for those purchased on site prior to April 15, 1997. Resale of gas golf carts is prohibited as of October 15, 2003. No gas golf carts will be stored in the Rec Hall under any circumstances.
    3. If winter golf cart storage is available, per IBC Management discretion, a storage fee may be charged.
    4. Golf carts must have front and rear lights to be driven at night. No golf cart may have sharp or protruding objects within or on them. All lights must be operational, and the noise level must be appropriate.
    5. Golf carts may not be driven after midnight (12:00 a.m.) except to return to your site.
    6. Anyone owning a golf cart shall carry proper liability insurance and must provide verification of the policy to Management.  The owner of golf carts used in the Campground is solely liable for any and all persons utilizing, driving or riding as a passenger in their golf carts.
  36. Prior to any improvement being made to any site, a request and description must be submitted and approved by Management.
  37. Plastic sheds are permitted in Campground only if size does not exceed eight (8) feet by eight (8) feet, and eight (8) feet high. Any other sheds must be discussed with management. All sheds must be approved by Management before installation.
  38. No permanent structures, aluminum awnings, decks or concrete steps are permitted. Steps and rails are the only permissible wood structures. Quality pressure treated lumber must be used and shall be inspected by Management prior to installation. Any structure on site considered to be unsafe upon inspection by Management must be removed or replaced within fifteen (15) days.
  39. The 99-year lessee shall pay an annual Maintenance Fee by April 1st of each year.  In addition, failure to pay said Maintenance Fee will result in the termination of the lease agreement and expulsion of the 99-year lessee from the Campground.  If an exception is agreed to, an additional late fee would be applied to the outstanding balance.
  40. RV and trailer washing is permitted no more than twice a season. Washing must not exceed more than two (2) hours. Violations subject to a fee.
  41. There shall be no utilization of campsites outside the terms of your lease. Campers must make arrangements to access any campsite outside the terms of your lease.

Thank you for your cooperation
IBC Management
(Revised August 2010)